Dragon's Kingdom
Demo Character
Level: 5
Gold: 9,999,999,999
Dragon Scales: 99,999
Stored Gold: 9,999,999
Guild: -

Experience: 0
Mining Exp: 0
Smelting Exp: 0
Forging Exp: 0
Endurance Exp: 0
Crafting Exp: 0
Total Exp: 0
Skill Total: 15
Attributes: 84 - Spend

HP: 12 / 15
MP: *0* / 0
TP: 5 / 5
AP: 6 / 6
Fatigue: 16% / 100%
Exp: 0 / 330

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Welcome to Kingdom Of Valour

The heart of the wilderness, a large and bustling city stands tall. Towers and bastions decorate the ramparts, and a solid portcullis guards the inner city from monsters. This is the Kingdom of Valour, the place where your journey begins.

You see the town square in the distance, amongst many other areas:

Kingdom Of Valour  

Recently Visited Players in Town - In order of Level
Character NameLocationLevelAttackMug
Gazza 0N, 0E81Request Safe Zone
Sestock 0N, 0E52Request Safe Zone
Nexulliis 0N, 0E51Request Safe Zone
VampireGod 0N, 0E51Request Safe Zone
blaze_mage_inferno 0N, 0E45IdleSafe Zone
DragonMage 0N, 0E42IdleSafe Zone
Everfire 0N, 0E30Request Safe Zone
Maske 0N, 0E30Request Safe Zone
Enabran 0N, 0E29IdleSafe Zone
kill 0N, 0E22Request Safe Zone
Phearless 0N, 0E1Request Safe Zone

Currently: Kingdom Of Valour
Latitude: 0N
Longitude: 0E
Zone: Safe Zone
Home Location: 400N, 100E
Movement: Walking
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Fast Spells
Healing Armor

Welcome to Kingdom Of Valour.

Your purchased Maps.

Travel To:
TP: 5 Kingdom Of Valour
TP: 21 Raminant
TP: 25 Brisbann Woods
TP: 30 Nemarik
TP: 60 Narcillas Port
TP: 70 Abandoned Ruins