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elcome to the world of Dragon's Kingdom, an Online Browser Based RPG.

Long ago in a desolate wasteland, a king had risen up. He was known as the King Black Dragon, and his loyal followers were a dangerous bunch. For many Millennia he ruled over mankind, and slowly kingdoms started to rise, the first being the kingdom of Valour. This kingdom quickly flourished, and a hero rose up from amongst them and ventured to slay the Dragon King, and many thought that this would prove to be a useless endeavour. He too felt the same, but he easily slayed the followers, and went on to slay the King. He was successful and ended the tyrannical reign.

Among all of this a new kingdom was unnoticed, known as the Necromancer Valley. Many of the followers lived there and sorcerers moved in over time, and in a matter of years they were able to get all of the things needed to bring back their King. At first he was weak, and grew stronger as they empowered him, using all the magic they had. He is now planning to take over and rule again, but he is more evil than ever, and more powerful than before. He exiled his loyal followers, and saviours, and killed many of them. He now issues a new challenge for anyone brave enough to try and slay him, and his new follower, his sons. All efforts until now have been proven to be futile, but now it is your time to rise up and accept the challenge of this tyrant.

Will you be able to slay him and bring peace back into the kingdoms? Or will all of our efforts just make him stronger, and create a new darker rule.

You must take the role of a bold adventurer from the Kingdom Of Valour that must now have the courage to defeat the monsters of Dragon's Kingdom. Although only carrying just your wits, bravery and gold, you must fight to survive this hostile wilderness and maybe, one day, become the true warrior and slay the King Black Dragon.

Choose your profession, whether to be a mighty Sorceress, a worthy Barbarian, a powerful Paladin, a skillful Ranger, a dark Necromancer, a deadly Druid or a killer Assassin. Choose your armament to suit your skill and match your personality. Choose your path, and begin your journey of exploring the world of Dragon's Kingdom.

Some features which DK has to offer:

    9 Different skills to level up
    4 Quests to complete for rewards
    7 Different character class's to choose from
    A huge map to explore and venture on
    Around 250 different monsters to find and slay
    Guilds and Strongholds, which leads to Guild battles!
    A Duel Arena, to interact and fight with other players
    Many towns and areas to explore. Either within towns, or on the battlefield
    A player trading market
    An in game Forum and Player Chat
    Regular updates
    And best of all, it's free!

If you are still unsure then why not take a quick look at a Demo. All links are disabled, but it will give you a brief look at what you will see while playing.
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